Agama Builds TechExecs National Chapter's Website System
March 31, 2010 -- Agama Advertising’s Technology Services team recently completed a website system for the TechExecs Senior IT Executives Network. The new system allows them to set up and operate individual chapter websites for each of their nearly 30 chapters.

Each TechExecs chapter will be able to maintain and update its own website, while TechExecs national will be able to control the sites’ overall appearance and information. The new system enables the individual websites to stay up to date with current news and chapter information through the local chapters, and gives the national organization the ability to update sponsor listings and design across all sites, quickly and easily.

About TechExecs Network™ Senior IT Executives Network™

Founded in 2000, TechExecs Network™ (www.TechExecs.Net) is a national network of Senior IT Executives with over 370,000 contacts throughout the United States of America. The purpose of the TechExecs Network is to focus on promoting regional Technology Community, featuring "Best of Breed" Resources available to key decision makers, Promote Networking and partnership amongst technology and industry executives both online and in-person, and ultimately serving as the dominant Connection for industry buyers and suppliers. The TechExecs Network™ is the national extension of Techxans™.